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Title: When I try to enter a planet I end up somewhere else???
Post by: moedeb27 on 31 October, 2016, 22:07:38 pm
For some reason when entering some planets you can be sent to the wrong one, this can be in whatever you are flying at the time or could even be one you own falling from the sky, whilst your vessel has actually made it to your preferred destination.

Why does this happen?
We really have no idea why it happens, it can be quite consistent with some planets, however it can also be very random and is currently a bug of the game.

The best workaround we are aware of is to slowly enter the planet from orbit away from the poles, as a general rule this will work as expected.

What to do if you are separated from your vessel
It is suggested that all players send a 'spare' SV to the factory and have it sitting in the blueprints ready to spawn. This is a good option for more than one reason, you will need to also make sure you are carrying fuel with you as a newly spawned SV has none and therefore will be no good to you without it.

Other options are to ask for help, if an Admin is available they will certainly assist you, however you'll find most players will do what they can to help as well.