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Author Topic: Standard Rules of Venatus Australia Empyrion Server - Updated 25 June 2017  (Read 2656 times)

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Note: All starter Systems have been configured so other players cannot enter those systems and once you leave a starter System (when you need to use a warp drive) you will NOT be able to return.

It is important to remember to take everything with you when you leave the system as you will not be returning to pick stuff up later.

Admins will not be moving new players out of the starter systems to join factions in other systems, players will have to earn their way out of the systems themselves.[/i]

These rules are here to ensure all players are able to enjoy Empyrion on Venatus Australia - your fun will not come at the expense of other peoples enjoyment.
  • There is to be no cheating of any sort, this includes but is not limited to:
           # Using any form of software that gives a player an unfair advantage over other players
           # Taking advantage of 'bugs' or 'exploits' that disadvantage other players (Examples include and are not limited to using blue prints to defy the structural integrity, digging in turrets to shoot through the ground)
           # Stealing resources of any sort from players on a PvE planet (this includes structures left as public - if you didn't build it, don't mess with it on a PvE planet unless it is a POI)
    Result = Total Ban

  • Attacking a player in any form whilst in a PvE area (whilst this should not be possible this also relates to rule 1)
    Result = Total Ban

  • Using foul language, Sexual Harassment will not be tolerated (This includes chat voice or in buildings/structures you build in game. This also includes videos and chats you post in discord )
    Result = Warning
    After warning the continued use will result in a 1 week ban and a total ban if continues after that.

  • Abusive or bully type language and/or behavior will not in any way be tolerated.
    Result = Total Ban

  • Telling an Admin what to do (this does not include respectful instructions when asked for them) will not be tolerated. Admins are here to play and enjoy the game as well. They will offer assistance where ever possible, but there is a limit to what can and will do to help.
    Result = Warning
    After warning the continued behavior will result in a 1 week ban and a total ban if continues after that.

  • ALL structures must be named or they will be removed from the game by Admins. In the event that a structure has a default name and there is no player nearby that structure it will be removed from the game.
    A structure includes: Bases, Orbital Bases, SV's, HV's and CV's
    No recon-pence will be offered if your structure is removed because of this.
    NOTE: A structure with a default name that is in a faction is still not named and therefore will be removed under this rule.

    Reason - On occasion structures disappear through game crashes and bugs, the only chance an admin has to find these for you is if they are named something other than default names.

    Reason - The more structures in a playfield the more likely bugs will creep onto our server, unclaimed (ie: default names) structures will add to this possibility. 
    Result = Loss of structure

  • Any POI that has been claimed by a player on any planet (PvE or PVP) that is on a resource will be removed and no recon-pence will be given, no matter how many resources you have stored in the POI

    NOTE: It is not recommended that POI's be used as a base. Admins will regularly reset POI's so as that they can be used by players for raids. If this occurs and it was your base, you will lose the base and all resources stored in it. You will not be compensated for your loss.
    Use a POI as your base at your own risk.

    NOTE: All POI's within 30m of a resource deposit will fall into this category.

    Result = Loss of POI and potentially loss of resources

  • Any entity (SV, CV, Orbital Base) parked within a warp zone that causes issues for other players (eg: loss of their entering CV, fusing of their CV to another entity, etc) will have that entity deleted along with any contents of the entity.

    When you warp into any system simply move away from the landing location to ensure it is clear for other vessels entering the same system.

    Leaving items directly at the warp landing zone is causing other players to lose their own CV's and their player to become stuck in whatever item they fuse with, resulting in them needing to wait for the assistance of an Admin to fix the issue.

    Result = Deletion
    All offending entities and their cargo will be permanently deleted from the game (not the player, just their items parked in the warp landing zone).

  • Auto Miners on depleted resources: As the game currently allows unlimited mining of a resource even once it is depleted, Venatus see's this as unfair on newer players who do not have the same ability to make use of this exploit.

    Therefore all players who have Auto Miners on resources that have been depleted must remove all their Auto Miners from that resource or Admins will delete them and no refunds / compensation will be offered. This rule is only for PvE areas.

  • PVP Fair Play Rule 1 - Anyone within a PvP playfield (planet, moon or orbit) is fair game to come under attack at anytime (anytime includes if you are offline - so make sure you have offline protection), however once the battle is won it is expected that the victor will assist the loser to get back to an area where they have a chance to rebuild. Anyone found to be playing unfair will be warned and subsequently banned.

    Result = Warning
    After warning the continued behavior will result in a 1 week ban and a total ban if continues after that.

  • PVP Fair Play Rule 2 - Once a player has been killed you are not allowed to sit / camp so you can kill them as soon as they spawn, if they act in an aggressive manner then you can kill them again. If they attempt to leave the area or surrender in chat then you are to let them leave with what they are carrying and may lay claim to whatever is left behind.

    Result = Warning
    After warning the continued behavior will result in a 1 week ban and a total ban if continues after that.

  • PVP Fair Play Rule 3 - If the winning player turns off their defenses so another player can spawn, recover their stuff and leave, you and/or no one from the same faction is allowed to attack again until either they have been notified on the global chat that their defenses can be powered back on, or 2 hours in real time have passed which ever comes first.

    Result = Warning
    Will result in a 2 hour ban if behavior continues it will result in a 1 week ban and a total ban if continues after that.

  • PVP Fair Play Rule 4 - Under NO circumstances is anyone to place a core inside an asteroid that cannot be drilled, shot or somehow accessed by other players / factions. This is unfair and will not be tolerated.

    Result = Warning
    Will result in a All offending structures will be destroyed and a warning issued to the player / faction,
    if the behavior continues it will result in the faction being deleted and all faction resources forfeited,
    a total ban for all players or the entire faction if it happens again by a previously warned player.

  • PVP Fair Play Rule 5 - Under NO circumstances is anyone to place a base so close to the 'green wall' in a PvP zone that a player cannot see it or have a chance to avoid it or defend against it when coming through the green wall.

    Result = Warning
    Will result in a All offending structures will be destroyed and a warning issued to the player / faction,
    if the behavior continues it will result in the faction/player being banned for 48 hours

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