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Author Topic: Updated Rules for Venatus Australia 7.0  (Read 249 times)

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Updated Rules for Venatus Australia 7.0
« on: 25 October, 2017, 15:01:58 pm »
Venatus Australia Sever Rules

1.   Players are expected to behave in a civil manner at all times. Swearing, bullying, abuse, or sexually explicit material will not be allowed. This refers to in-game chat, discord, pictures and videos related to the Venatus server; and any structures or their names.
2.   No other software is to be used that would allow the player to gain an advantage over other players.
3.   Admins are here to play the game, and to help out when game bugs cause issues for players. Be respectful of the admins and do not make demands or tell admins what to do.
4.   Rename all structures (ships & bases) from their default names as soon as you create them. This helps admins find your structure if you request help.
5.   Do not place a player core into an alien POI. POIís will reset from time to time so you will lose your base.
6.   Give other players their space. Donít park your ships, or build your base too close to other player bases as you may interfere with their building intentions.
7.   Do not build to exploit game bugs; examples include:
a.   Cores being placed in areas where they cannot be accessed.
b.   Turrets being placed under ground in a manner that they can shoot through the ground but cannot be targeted by other players.
c.   Gravity & Structural Integrity defying bases.

1.   If you find a ship or base that you did not make, donít steal or modify it, unless the owner can be identified and you have their permission to use/take it. This would only occur if a structure has been set to Ďpublicí by the owner in error.

In other words...
In PvE it's not yours - Don't touch it.

Exceptions will be made for obviously named structures like 'free base' or 'free ship'; naming your bases/ships this indicate that you wish to allow people to use it.

1.   In PVP areas you are open to attack at any time and without warning from other players, alien assets, and Admin controlled alien assets.
2.   When a battle occurs, players are expected to behave in a fair manner, for example:
a.   No spawn-camping or breaking cease-fire agreements - allow the other player to retreat if you have agreed to it. Any aggressive behaviour from them however, and you may kill them again.
b.   No stranding losing players in PVP - you must arrange transit for them back to an area where they can continue their game.
c.   If a player surrenders (which they need to state), the victor may set conditions; normally this entails surrendering personal items or ships etc.
3.   Do not place bases in an area where the attacker cannot defend themselves (i.e. within firing range of the green wall, or near known warp in zones).
4.   Do not attack a base/ship/player in a manner where they cannot be defended against (for example digging assaults prior to wiping out surface defences)

Provocco is a planet made specifically for arena style gaming challenges between players, setup by the Admins. As such, Provocco has its own rules; that trump any of the above.
1.   No looting backpacks or ships unless otherwise specified.
2.   No fighting unless both parties agree to it before hand or in an organised event.
3.   No player structures are to be built without Admin permission.

Failure to abide by these rules will lead to Bans; or Loss of Ships or Resources


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