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Author Topic: Custom stuffs and Planets made by players.  (Read 64556 times)

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Offline piddlefoot

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Custom stuffs and Planets made by players.
« on: 23 September, 2018, 06:11:35 am »
This is basically an idea seen in other servers and it appears to work well as long as its kept fair for all players.

I have a planet or two I would like added to the map / server, Ive explored all the planets on the server and there just isnt that many of them, and I also have a couple of very interesting space playfields also.

These planets are all PvP and so are the space playfields.

What I would like to know is if you guys would allow this to happen, players add planets.

So firstly I think its only fair if you want to have a planet and space playfield added to the game it should require a donation to the server for the effort and time it takes the admins to edit the sector files and check the playfields and what not.

There should be a new sector map created to allow for half a dozen new playfield/planets, so as there purchased you already know where everything is going.

It should not be first in best dressed, it should be controlled so that 1 new playfield is added each 2 weeks or month, depending on how many extras you will allow and how long until next large wipey wipey update.

If a new playfield is added each month, what I saw happen on other servers was a flocking rush of PvP players heading to the new planets / space playfields and the funny chaos that ensued was most amusing indeed.

I have a planet, Desert Oasis planet I would like to add, only has standard ores on it , no special ores, but I would also like to add with it the POI set that goes with it, which means adding custom POIs to the prefab folder on the server so everyone can have them in there game.
Its a planet, size 4 loaded with custom POIs, a real challenge for the PvP / PvE player being its a PvP planet and all !

My space playfield consists of a complete re-arranging of some of the asteroid clusters and rings to form interesting places to explore, all of the asteroid belts or fields can be rotated, tilted so you can actually get some pretty unique settings, theres just not a huge amount of them combinations, but I have a space playfield thats completely different to anything on your server that I would like to have put on the server if its at all possible.

I am willing to make a donation for this also.
I recon around 100 to 150 would be fair for the time you guys need to put in to it to add it, what do you think ?

My playfields are tested, bug free short of not being set up on your sector file, should be a five to ten minute update to add them in this case, but I understand in most cases that would not be true and you would have to do alot more checking and possibly bug fixing yaml errors so the donation needs to be a decent amount.

My space playfield is 2 rings offset, so ones at 10 degrees from playfields plane and the other is at around 35 to 40 degrees both circling an asteroid field thats been inverted, and rolled onto side, crossing into that at one end is the other asteroid field, second one the devs added at a different orientation again from default, which make the whole playfield look like no other space playfield you have likely seen in Empyrion.

The space playfield contains a very special layout of asteroids, alot of them spread over a large distance, now the game load differently we can actually have up to around 65,000 objects / POIs / asteroids on a map, so playfields with alot of roids dont lag it up anymore, this particular playfield has clumps of ore spread right across every asteroid field or belt there is, it is a place where all PvPers will visit repeatedly, there are 5 asteroids of each special ore type and all the standard or spread all over the place, but the special ores, theres one of each of them randomly out in a belt of asteroid field and the other four are concentrated in one area of the asteroid field, protected partially by POIs in the area, that all regenerate.
There are 3 habitable asteroids out at 7klm from the center asteroid field all in different locations for the true explorers to find and build on, a total of 6 POIs on the map.
All other asteroids regenerate.
All regen timers are set to 3 hours.

All POIs are custom, space and planet.

What do you recon guys ?

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Offline Syrass

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Re: Custom stuffs and Planets made by players.
« Reply #1 on: 26 September, 2018, 06:35:56 am »
I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, and I'm not in a position to represent the server, and in no way do I want it seen as that.

Previously, they have welcomed submissions for player created planets, then added them during a standard expansion of the world.  I can remember even having a competition where 3 planets were basically "designed" by players (the admins actually made the planets) and they were added.  "I want alien, with purple hue, Iron and Promethium, Lots of POIs" etc.

I also believe that planet files are more than acceptable, but planets need to be tested on the test server before pushed live.

Keen to see what you have going

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