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Author Topic: Laying claim to PVP salvage - Discussion (PVP Fair Play Rule 2)  (Read 981 times)

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Offline Syrass

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At time of this post the rule is:
PVP Fair Play Rule 2 - Once a player has been killed you are not allowed to sit / camp so you can kill them as soon as they spawn, if they act in an aggressive manner then you can kill them again. If they attempt to leave the area or surrender in chat then you are to let them leave with what they are carrying and may lay claim to whatever is left behind.

From the reading of this rule, if a player surrenders, they keep what is in their backpack.  Have I read this incorrectly?

I know that terms of surrender have previously included ransoms etc, but am I not able to lay claim on what is in a persons backpack?  Can I scoup up everything that is valuable in a ship and hide it in my backpack and request safe passage based on surrender?

I don't remember this being the case - Other peoples thoughts?  Does anyone have a specific clarification?

Offline Dazza

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Good question, i also would like some clarification on this, if i was to surrender in a battle does that mean i can walk away with whats on me?

Offline Syrass

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I know it is 2 weeks since this was touched, but the game atm seems to being played that if you get a lift back, you keep nothing (nothing in your pack) by default.

Offline moedeb27

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As the person who wrote the rule I can say at the time the spirit of the rule was that you could only leave with what was in your backpack at the time of surrender. You are not allowed to salvage anything at all extra! If you have previously died and lost your backpack and have not claimed it back before surrendering, then you lose the backpack.

As for 'charging' people for a lift, that's not really in the 'spirit' of Venatus, however the spirit of play is only really something that can exist if it is done by everyone, so if the surrendering player is attempting to salvage stuff then as far as I'm concerned keep killing them and leave them there if you wish  ;D

Offline Syrass

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As the person who wrote the rule I can say at the time the spirit of the rule was that you could only leave with what was in your backpack at the time of surrender.

Right, and that is how I read the rule from a very literal point of view.  In practice, atm, it would appear that if you surrender, people will kill you one more time, make sure you don't have valuables on you, then offer the lift.

As for the ransom part - that is usually "If you want your ship, pay me X and Ill let you come get it" (rather than a "pay for passage").

The other part that is interesting to me atm is that it is to ensure that people aren't stranded.  This means that if they aren't stranded and  they don't surrender, I don't have to offer anything and can simply leave.

I feel that most people are "in the spirit" of not leaving others stranded, but there appears to be entitlement on both sides (1. You surrendered so I get your backpack 2. You killed me, so take me anywhere I want in the system) that should be cleared up by both admins and the community to basically say what is expected.

There are people who take advantage of this, and it really pains me to see an honorable winner of PvP getting messed with as much as an unfortunate victim of PvP getting messed with (including myself who had someone demand turrets were turned off, then they jumped in their ship and flew away).

PS: There are a lot of people who are prepared to go into PvP space for a rescue if you do find yourself stranded after an "unfortunate incident" and most of us wont be asking for "payment".  I also ask that people who are on such a "rescue mission" be given free passage while doing such things.


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