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Author Topic: The Co-ordinates System  (Read 779 times)

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Offline Andy

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The Co-ordinates System
« on: 05 November, 2016, 10:44:20 am »
Hey all,

Getting to know how the co-ordinates work in the game will be of great benefit to the far majority of players. I will explain how the co-ordinates work, both on a planet/moon, as well as in space. Its pretty easy once you get your head around the basics .....

How do I see my current co-ordinates?
Open the console, by pressing the "`" key (located to the left of the number 1 key, and under the escape key on most keyboards).
Once the console window appears, type "di" (short for 'debug information').
You will now notice up the top in a small black window, information about you and your co-ordinates. The top line is your current co-ordinates in the game, and will look like "Pos = xxxx/zz/yyy" (i.e. Pos=1250.2/32.5/93.6)
What does this mean really? The first number is the X position which indicates how west or east you are. The second number is your Z position, indicating your height. The third number is your Y position indicating how north or south you are. The numbers themselves work using the same theory on a planet or in space, however the number values will be different. Continue reading.....

For a planet or moon:
Imagine unwrapping a spherical planet into a horizontal rectangle. Up the top left corner you would have the north-west point, and the bottom right corner would be the south-east point. The game also assists us in forming this 'rectangle' shaped planet by applying borders. There is a red/orange north and south border, which you cannot fly through, and there is also a green line indicating where the west wraps around to the east which you can fly through. Now, we just apply co-ordinates to this scenario.
The 1st Number: The planet goes from the west (near the green line) (X=-4096) through to the east (also next to the green line (X=4096).
The 2nd Number: The Z co-ordinate is your height, so 0 would be ground level, and the higher up you are on a mountain the higher this number will be.
The 3rd Number: The planet goes from the north (near the red border) (Y=1341) through the equator and down to the south border (near the red border) (Y=-1341).

So if you're stuck somewhere and need a hand, by telling them your X and Y co-ords (1st and 3rd number), they should be able to get to you pretty quickly and directly. You can quote all three numbers if you want, but the Z co-ord (2nd number) isn't really required. Remember the numbers may contain a negative amount, and that is important, so make sure you pay attention.

Q: If I said I was on Galina, at -3000, 1200, and you came from space into the atmosphere and you were at -500, 500 - which direction would you fly?
A: You would need to head north west. You would head west to get the 1st number (X) to go from (your -500) to (my -3000), but you would also need to go north a bit to increase the 3rd number (Y) from (your 500) to (my 1200).

Note: Remember the west meets the east with the green line. So because it wraps around, you can go from -4096 to +4096 in an instant by flying through the green line.

For Outer Space:
Space uses the same X,Z,Y co-ordinate system, however the 2nd number, the Z co-ordinate, is now equally as important as the X and Y co-ords, because space is 3D and BIG! Again, picture a space orbit as a big square, which you can see by pressing M and bringing up the space map.
Again, the X co-ord represents west to east (horizontal axis), and the Y co-ord represents north to south (vertical axis). Z is the height again.
Therefore with a space map, X=-8000 (left side) through to X=8000 (right side). Y=8000 (north side) through to Y=-8000 (south side).
You can go a lot more than 8000, but this number seems to position the player near enough to the edges of the grid pattern when you bring up the map in space.
The reason the 2nd number, the Z co-ord is equally important, is because in space you could provide the X and Y co-ords to someone, and they could be in the right spot, but you could be 1000+ metres above or below them and you can't see each other. So Z can be a positive or negative number which you will need to provide someone in order for them to find you.

In space, you can press O and your CV/SV will manoeuvre itself to "fly level" as such, so at least you have a better understanding of which way is up or down! Again, use the "di" command and you will see the numbers change accordingly as you fly.

Hope the above wasn't too complicated - draw up a planet, or a space orbit on a bit of graph paper if it helps to get your head around how it works, and can be useful to mark locations of things ..... (like enemy player bases which only appear when you're near them!)

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Offline PsychokineticNZ

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Re: The Co-ordinates System
« Reply #1 on: 11 November, 2016, 11:49:45 am »
Excellent explanation Andy!

Offline myleandro

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Re: The Co-ordinates System
« Reply #2 on: 08 January, 2017, 11:07:37 am »
Awesome Andy, thanks for clearing this up for me!


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